What sets our home apart?

Celebrate being together - The Great Room & The Minor Great Room.

The Great Room: A 1,200 sq. ft room – overlooks lake, incorporates a loft like atmosphere. Includes: a series of 3 ceiling fans & more light switches than you can image. At night break the space into small areas with amazing light & fan configurations. Light (from skylights & all of the windows) & art envelops this space. This 22’ x 45’ space & much of the house celebrates Native American’s, Mashpee is the home of the Wampanoag Tribe, & this is the tribe, which greeted the pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock on the Mayflower. You will find books on Native Americans & the Wampanoag in particular. Our concierge book suggests locations for playing, site seeing, golf, & fishing, day trips to the islands & of course shopping & eating out! Our separate 11 x 18 dinning room is part of this space.

Gourmet kitchen: 17 x 22 - loaded with cooking oils, vinegars, soy sauces & spices & unlimited tea & coffee (filters too!) for your use. It incorporates a 6’ x 9’ cooking isle where everyone can congregate in the kitchen to help prepare festive meals, to socialize, etc. The isle includes bar stools as well as chairs for sitting at a small isle kitchen table. The kitchen has 2 gourmet sinks 1 single bull & 1 double bull, 2 microwave ovens, 2 bake broil & convection ovens, a toaster oven, blenders, coffee maker, 27 cubic foot refrigerator with built in filtered water & icemaker. Pots, pans, cups, dishes, silverware and even a lobster pot, with shell crackers & special dishes with instructions on the art of opening cooked lobster! This room has a slate floor, it is easy to maintain if something drops or spills.

Dining room: – seats 10 to 12 (+ wet bar) & serving board. Very comfortable oak chairs – great on your back! This room has a lowered tray ceiling to give a sense of warmth & comfort. The room is decorated with art & hand pounded plates from around the world, it flows into the living room - both rooms are carpeted.

Living Room - with comfortable, overstuffed chairs, coffee tables & several couches (one of which opens to a queen size sleeper, this room is not normally considered a sleeping room – no privacy). This room has a color TV, Broadband cable, DVD/CD player – big speaker system, VCR, and houses over 1,500 movies! We also have many decks of professional Las Vegas style playing cards, a card chute, and professional black jack and poker card table felts and lots of plastic chips too! You will find all of this in the cabinet above the TV in the Great Room!

Celebrate being together -